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busy [18 Jan 2012|06:05pm]
Busy. No real time to update.

Lauren & I have an awesome, even if busy, marriage. She's a wonderful wife and an amazing mother to our daughter. She's also a great stepmother to my older children. We recently found out we're expecting our second child together at the end of August. It's very happy news after Lauren had a miscarriage in September. Other than that, life is happy and crisis-free.

I became a big brother again. My mom & stepdad had another boy, named Landon, on December 5th. He's one of many new babies currently arriving constantly. I still live socially in baby central.

Riley & Isaac are in 1st grade now, and Halden is in kindergarten. Cherry, Sutton, and Jordan are all in pre-K and will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Blair turned 1 on December 12th and has been walking since 9 months! I can't believe how fast my babies are all growing up!

I only have a year and a half of medical school left. Time sure flies were you're busy.
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Blair's Birth Story, plus updates on the other babies in my life [14 Dec 2010|04:50am]
Instead of waiting to do one huge update, I figure I'll break it up into a bunch of posts concerning different topics and events. Easier to do when you have a brand new baby who wants your attention every 10 seconds. Tonight is our first night at home with Blair. She is just so pretty to look at. She's not even a full 2 days old and she already has bangs falling in her face. She has a full head of dark brown/black hair, a button nose, and a little bit of a natural tan. May not have mentioned Lauren's ethnicity before, but she is 1/2 Guatemalan. Her 1/4 of hispanic heritage was bound to beat out that 3/4 of blonde hair and pale skin.

We were ecstatic to find out the baby was a girl. We were actually both thinking it was a boy up until the ultrasound. Lauren's pregnancy was fairly easy up until her 3rd trimester. At around 32 weeks, she developed some excruciating pelvic pain bad enough to where she needed to take narcotic painkillers (doctor prescribed, don't worry) in order to feel releif or else she would have to constantly lie down. At our 36th week appointment when the baby still wasn't head down, which is believed to be the reason for her pain, the OB/GYN was able to manually flip the baby and it greatly relieved her pain. After that, I had a feeling that it wouldn't be much longer. Sure enough on the morning of the 11th, Lauren started to feel contractions and we headed to the hospital. We were orginially planning to have a midwife-assisted homebirth, but we decided this time around, with all the pain she'd been experiencing the last 5 weeks, that it would be better for her to have access to pain relief this time around. We'll try for a homebirth again with our next baby.

Despite the loooong wait, the labor & delivery was smooth sailing after Lauren had the epidural. Pushing was a little difficult, because she was "sunny side up". Blair was definitely well worth the wait though. It was very euphoric to become a dad again, and to see the look of amazement, peace, love, and bliss on Lauren's face as she became a first time mommy.

We had a HARD TIME choosing a name for her, up until the very last minute! At the beginning, we both wanted to name her Johannah, but then decided against it because we wanted all the children to have a different first initial, and the J was already taken by Jordan. However, it wasn't hard to settle on Blair Michaela after she was born. She just looked like her name, you know what I mean?

That's her birth story. So, here's a quick updates on all the other births and pregnancies in my family and with my friends.

Jackie & Hugh - They finalized their adoption of their new son, Blaise Houston born on June 22nd. Blaise is half black & half Japanese, and he's incredibly handsome.

Evan & Lisa - Evan & Lisa are Lauren's older brother and his wife. They had a son, Micah Isaiah on July 14th, making him the first grandson for Lauren's parents. Including Blair, they have 3 granddaughters.

Mom & my stepdad - I have a new little sister! My mom gave birth to Karissa Makiya on September 18th. My 7-year-old sister, Stacey, is so excited to have a baby sister and not be the only girl anymore! They both have September birthdays too (Stacey is the 11th), which will be something that makes their sister bond extra special.

Sam & Miranda - My cousin & his wife had a baby girl, Sadie Christin on October 22nd.

Tristan - His twin son & daughter were born on November 27th, named Aidan Rigel & Chaya Daveigh.

Jeff & Jessica - They are expecting a boy, to be named Jaden Matthew, on January 8, 2011.

This post became wayyyy longer than I expected. I could've broken it up into 2 posts. Oh well, what's written is written. I better get to bed before Blair or Halden (whose living with us full-time), wakes up for the day.
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[13 Dec 2010|05:59pm]
It's been a long time and there's plenty to update about! However, I just wanted to make a breif announcement post and a big update in a few days. Lauren gave birth to our first baby girl together yesterday afternoon.

Blair Michaela Stanton
December 12, 2010 @ 12:36PM
6 lbs 7 oz, 18.5 inches

I promise to update in the next couple days about what's been happening the past 8 months, plus post a little bit about Blair's birth. She is a beautiful baby. I'm so happy to be a daddy again!
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one year later...almost [07 May 2010|05:17am]
hi everyone! it's been almost a year! i got on here the other day to try and catch up with what's been going on in friends journals, so now i'll update my own.

my first year of medical school is wrapping up. i'm so glad i made the decision to become a doctor. it was a lot of hard work to get here but it's worth it. medical school is definitely one of the main reasons i don't get a chance to update lj. i'm planning on going into internal medicine residency, and still throwing around what i'll do my fellowship (specialization) in. oncology still holds a special place in my heart, but i am drawn to a few others (pulmonology, endocrinology, etc.)

lauren and i were married on january 2nd. she is my true soulmate. jackie was definitely an amazing woman, and i still love her to some extent since she is the mother of my 6 oldest children. however, our marriage was more a situation we were placed in than chose, since our first pregnancy was an accident. she's also still one of my best friends. she has also remarried. to her high school sweetheart. :) his name is hugh. he has 3 children of his own from a previous marriage. they have a nice packed household, but i love that my own children are being raised in a fun environment with stepsiblings and a stepfather that love them.

well, i think i shouldn't put off the reoccurring theme of having children (whether my own or other family members).

first, and most importantly, lauren and i are expecting our first child together! her first, my seventh. :) our new little one is due on january 1, 2011. 1.1.11 what a cool date to be born! being only 6 weeks along, we obviously don't know the gender yet. i think it's a girl, and lauren thinks it's a boy. we do have names picked out: dylan morgan stanton for a boy and johannah leelle stanton for a girl. i'm excited to be having another, since sutton & jordan are toddlers now, and i had been use to jackie being perpetually pregnant.

i'm getting another sibling! my mom & stepdad are expecting their 4th together on september 25th. baby is a girl, to be named karissa makiya carmen. now stacey won't be the only girl, and they'll both have september birthdays! up until now, she's been the lone girl with right in the middle of 4 brothers. from oldest to youngest, it's me, jeff, stacey, will, and parker.

my stepbrother jeff and his wife jessica had their first baby, daughter jasmine ella carmen, on march 4th. AND, they just found out they are expecting baby #2 already! looks like super-fertility runs in the family! "baby j2" is due on january 8, 2011. they are trying to decide whether or not to continue doing j names. they plan on having more after this one, so it's not like the baby would be left out if they didn't have a j name.

my best friend/ex-boyfriend, tristan, is expecting twins with a female friend of his. a couple months ago they decided to try doing artifical insemination. after 6 months of trying, they finally conceived and it's twins! they are due on december 26th. they do plan on finding out whether or not it'll be a boy/boy, girl/girl, or boy/girl set as soon as possible.

my cousin sam and his wife miranda are expecting their first child, a girl, on october 22nd. they have tentatively decided to name her sadie.

jackie and hugh are in the process of an open adoption. i love that they are making this decision. the only reason i can't explain more is for the privacy of the birth mother. the baby is due in late june, and the gender is a surprise. i am so excited that they are going through the adoption process, i hope one of these days lauren and i can do the same thing.

i've got to get going here. the kids are visiting this weekend so i need to complete everything before they arrive. i hope everyone is well!
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long time no type [30 Jul 2009|10:57pm]
hey there! it's been ages since i've updated! well, i'll tell you what's been up. lots has gone on.

i graduated with my BS in biophysics. now i'm living in athens getting ready to start medical school here shortly. i'm really excited to finally get started on doing what i've been working my butt off to do. i do owe it all to my children, because they are the reason i've pushed so hard.

jackie and i are divorced. we are still friends, but we just knew our marriage was more because we were having children together, and the love was not there anymore. our children live with her since i'll be so busy with med school, and she works from home and is able to be with them 24/7. i still see them every chance i get, but i always miss them terribly.

my mom and stepdad have welcomed their third child together! my new baby brother, parker joseph carmen, was born july 27, 2009. after my mom's surprise pregnancy with my brother, will, a couple years back, they realized like i did that life is so much more fun when there's more than one little person in the home! they plan to have one or two more, even though parker was just born 3 days ago. i got to see him yesterday, as well as stacey and will. i love being a big brother as much as i love being a father.

i have found love again! remember lauren from my previous post? i found myself having so much fun talking to her and hanging out with her, but she was 17 at the time. she turned 18 back in april. i asked her father's permission to date her, and he was so thrilled. she is so wonderful, and so mature beyond her age of 18. she doesn't mind that i have 6 children, and neither do her parents. while you may think i'm going way too fast, i asked her to marry me last month during a trip to cedar point, with her parents' blessing. we are planning to get married on january 2, 2010. and yes, we do plan on having children of our own. lauren comes from a family of 9, and believes like me that one more child makes your life that much more fulfilling. i'm fortunate that i'll be a doctor, and be able to give all of my children the financial support they'll ever need. btw, jackie is also thrilled for me. she too has started dating again, and the new guy is actually her high school sweetheart! i'm so happy for her that she is able to reconnect with someone that special!

well, there's my huge long update. unfortunately, if you thought i don't update much now, just wait and see how infrequent it'll be once med school starts!

hope you all are well.
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[05 Dec 2008|01:07am]
it's been quite a long time since my last post. this year has been the epitome of hell. jackie and i have filed for divorce. the stress of having so many children has probably gotten to us, and we have just fallen out of love with each other. we're still friends for the sake of our children though.

i had another relapse with my eating disorder while we were seperated. i managed to recover on my own this time though. i realize i need to still be there for my children. i have 6 of them after all! my 2 daughters and 4 sons mean the world to me. and i've realized that i have so much promise in my life. i was accepted to medical school here in ohio. so i will still be close to my children. i also know a family there who are incredibly nice and they are kind of like an adopted family to me. they have a 17-year-old daughter, lauren, and she has a crush on me. she's cute as a button and a very sweet girl. however, i feel it's too soon for me to consider dating again, and she's underage.

my life is never ending chaos, how is everyone else?
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[12 May 2008|09:51pm]
Sorry I haven't updated in so long, especially since I had the boys to write about. Between work, school, and 6 children under the age of 3, I've not had time for much.

Sutton and Jordan are surprisingly easy babies. A heck of a lot easier than Riley, Isaac, Halden, and Cherry ever were. They are my little clones. Light blonde hair and big blue eyes. I love my children, I am so lucky to have them. However, Jackie is done having children. She ended up having a hysterectomy after the twins were born. 6 is a very good number to have. However, we're not completely shutting down the idea of possibly adopting a child one day. But we'll be waiting quite a few years before making that sort of move.

The eight of us are all happy and healthy. I'm doing well in school, and will be applying to medical school next year. I'm looking forward to it all.
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the boys are here! [07 Mar 2008|11:54am]
while i got the chance...

Sutton Everett Doss-Stanton
March 7, 2008 at 8:22am EST
4 lbs. 3 oz., 18 inches

Jordan Brody Doss-Stanton
March 7, 2008 at 8:25am EST
4 lbs. 2 1/2 oz., 18 inches
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[19 Feb 2008|09:00am]
so, since i've been gone, jackie celebrated b-day 33 on january 19th, and i celebrated b-day 22 on february 6th.

a c-section has been scheduled for march 7th. so it won't be long before the girls are outnumbered by the boys again. we did 3D ultrasound the other day, and it was amazing to see facial features so well defined. and penises...

we've decided after the twins are born, we're done. jackie is considering either having her tubes tied or just having her uterus removed completely, since it's taken a beating with 6 kids in less than 3 years.

between school, work, and my family it's crazy. but i'm bound and determined to make it work. i'm bound and determined to make it to medical school, and my dream is to become an oncologist. i definitely want to be a good provider for my family.

one of my friends is converting to islam. and so far she's experienced severe verbal assaults from both her roommate and the girl she thought was her best friend. i can tell she's trying to be strong, but i know her heart is breaking. and my heart is breaking for her. i support her 100% in her decision. i'll never understand why people are still so ignorant and hate so much hatred towards muslims. the entire nation of islam was not behind the events of 9/11. it was a group of radical extremists who do not deserve to call themselves muslims.

kristin, stay strong. STAY STRONG. do not let anyone shake your faith.
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[23 Jan 2008|12:03pm]
i think i'm overdue for updating.

i'm back home with my family. i'm still healthy. there are good days and bad days. but overall i'm doing ok as far as my health is concerned. i'm actually 110 lbs, which is the most i've weighed in years. i've never even broke 120 in my whole life if you can believe that.

i just keep watching my children getting older and older. riley and halden are my clones. isaac and cherry take after their momma. cherry has this gorgeous head of red hair and big blue eyes. she's true to her name.

the boys are doing good, and jackie has another month or so to go before the babies come, since that's about the norm for twins. we're keeping an eye on the condition of jackie's uterus, but so far so good. no problems. we have picked out names, but we tend to keep them to ourselves until birth.

i've got homework and toddlers who want my attention, so i'm off.
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[22 Nov 2007|05:19pm]
happy thanksgiving! and we discovered we have more to be thankful for.

jackie went back in for another examination, to check on the condition of her uterus. being pregnant so quickly after a c-section has putten her as a high risk patient. this involved the use of a 3D ultrasound. as soon as baby was spotted, they noticed something a little shocking that they didn't noticed in the traditional ultrasound. an extra foot, belonging to a completely different baby. that's right, people! we are having another set of twins! both boys! and only one placenta was spotted, so these two are confirmed identicals!

this has been such a pick-me-up, and has just helped me get more and more determined to stay in recovery. due to now that this pregnancy is a twin pregnancy, jackie has been placed on bed rest until the birth. this made me want to come home before my tentative date to go home, which is december 12th. my family has insisted though that my last couple weeks are crucial to me recovering. my mom and jackie's sister have both moved into our house to take care of the kids until we get back.

everyone thinks jackie and i are absolutely insane for having so many kids so fast. but we have the means to do it, having our kids all so close in age will definitely be a benefit later on. it's just those baby years that people go "ugh" over, but i think i'm so use to the chaos that what's another kid going to change? or in this case, two more. lol.

and twin boys kind of settles the debate jackie and i were having over names. we had two names we both liked, and didn't know what to use. so that kind of settles that dilemma.
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[19 Nov 2007|02:35pm]
I'm back up to 90 lbs. I'm expected to be home before Christmas.

Jackie and I are officially Baby Making Factory #1. I got a phone call from her on Friday to tell me she's 18 weeks pregnant with our fifth child, a boy, due April 19th. The means we concieved not long after Cherry was born. Suspected conception day was 2 days before Jackie was fitted for a diaphrgam. Jackie told me apparently that nearly almost after Cherry was born, she felt different that she did after the other two pregnancies. We were talking on the phone about how much we'd love to have another baby, and we agreed we'd start TTC after I got home. Well, apparently, that conversation turned on the lightbulb in her head to take a pregnancy test, although she couldn't see how it was possible. Her OB/GYN was so startled by the positive home test that she performed an ultrasound, and sure enough there is a little seamonkey there. And, it's a boy! And it's exciting to know that we're already over half-way there.

It's quick, yes. But we are thrilled! Our children mean the world to us, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

More great news is that I've got a new job lined up back home. Just before I left for rehab, I finished my Associate's in Radiography, so now I've got a job working as a radiographer. I've also been accepted to the University of Toledo, and will be working on a degree in Biophysics.
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[11 Oct 2007|11:28am]
i'm back home temporarily.

while i was inpaitent, one of the female residents cried rape and pointed the finger at me (the 5'4", 82 lbs, one legged man...) and i was asked to leave. the next day she took back her story. i got an apology from the treatment center and an invitation to come back. i'm so pissed at them i'm not going back. they kicked me out before even investigating this girl's story, way before i was ever ready to go home.

things got a bit worse before they started getting better. i attempted suicide just before i was suppose to be admitted. i realized pretty fast how stupid of a decision that was. at first, i realized i didn't want jackie to find my body. then i realized i didn't want to leave her with 4 children under the age of 3. then i realized i wanted to see the day where i'd have to chase riley's and cherry's boyfriends away with a shotgun. i entered inpaitent on suicide watch.

i was making progress up until i was kicked out. but there's still a lot of work i need to do.

tristan told his parents about my situation. they told me about an outpatient treatment specifically for men with eating disorders in new york city. tristan recently moved there for school. he's going to let me crash at his apartment while in treatment, and his parents have offered to pay for any further treatment needed after my insurance runs out. i fly out to nyc on saturday, and start treatment on monday.
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[08 Sep 2007|10:38pm]
tomorrow i am leaving for Columbus, and monday i will be checking myself into rehab for anorexia nervosa.

i've tried to blame it on just not having the time to eat, but it's become more than that. i didn't want to admit i'm still screwed up in the head. i'd stopped cutting myself, and no longer on anti-depressants, so i thought all my head shit was done with. turns out i've just replaced the cutting with an eating disorder. doesn't involve covering up scars, and give my already tiny frame, it was easy to hide. i don't eat when given the chance, and when my wife, my mother, and my stepfather starting confronting me about it that's when everything came out into the open. i didn't realize how frail i am. my skin clings to my bones, my skin is grey, my eyes are dark, and my hair is falling out. i stood on the scale and it read 78 lbs. i broke the mirror in our bathroom, grabbed a shard of glass, and starting cutting myself. it's disgusting how good it felt. jackie took me to the hospital, and it was decided i need long term inpatient treatment.

i was released from the hospital this morning. i was there for a few days with a feeding tube while we found a treatment center that insurance would cover and take me in. i was able to leave to get things in order before i'm admitted.

i feel horrible. not for allowing myself to fall mental again, but for subjecting 5 innocent people (my wife and children) to it when i never wanted them to witness this. i told her to divorce me because she doesn't deserve such a fucked up husband. she says she would never do that, and that she is going to be there to help me deal with this. i feel guilty leaving her alone with 3 toddlers and a newborn. my mother, stepfather, and in-laws have agreed to take shifts in staying at our house while i'm gone. this all just tears me up inside. i want to die.

i don't know how long i'm going to be gone. but i wanted to say goodbye.
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[17 Jul 2007|01:14pm]
i haven't slept in almost 3 days now. two of my loved ones are in the hospital. my wife, and our new little girl.

jackie woke me up late saturday night and told me she was having intense abdominal pain. i asked her if she thought the baby was coming, but she said this pain is different from braxton hicks and real contractions. these was a constant sharp lower abdominal pain. i took her to the er, and they told us she had appendicitis, and it needed to come out now. we were concerned about anesthesia and the baby, and the doctor told us the baby will be closely monitored during surgery. from what the surgeon told me, her appendix burst while they were putting her under, and because of this it became absolutely necessary to perform a c-section and get the baby out. jackie is doing alright. they have her on antibiotics to prevent the possibility of a sepsis infection. they want to keep her in the hospital for awhile to make sure she doesn't have any sort of complication from the appendix rupture.

our little girl is doing wonderful. she came out big for 33 weeks. 5 lbs 2 oz! she'll spend a little while in nicu but she is a healthy little girl. she brings such joy in my heart that only riley ever did before. now she has some competition. lol. i love both my girls, and my sons. it's hard to believe i now have four children. i can't wait to have more. but i need to give jackie a break from being pregnant for awhile, especially after this episode. but aside from the scariness of the last few days, it's a great time on our lives. we have a new baby!

the official annoucement of my new daughter...

Cherry Augusta Doss-Stanton
Born July 15, 2007 at 12:43AM EST
5 lbs. 2 oz., 17 inches long
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[22 Jun 2007|11:17am]
ok, so it's been a long while.

on the 1st, we celebrated three birthdays for the first time. riley and issac turned 2, and halden turned 1. we've been working with the twins on potty training. riley took to it pretty quickly, and warns us before by saying "gotta go" when she needs to go. isaac is a little bit of a different story. let's just say we've become experts on wall cleaning.

jackie is about 30 weeks along with baby #4, which is a girl. we have a name picked out, but we're not ones to reveal the name. we've decided we want 7 kids. whether we're going to keep them as close in age as we have them right now, i don't know. we have the means to do it, and i think we've been officially labelled most fertile couple on the planet, but we're going to go with the flow and see what happens.
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[13 Apr 2007|07:48pm]
just wanted to update quickly. i've had no time the past few weeks. all is well here. jackie, riley, isaac, halden, and myself are all healthy. we're about halfway there to meeting number four, who, we find out, is a girl!
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[25 Jan 2007|09:59pm]
3 weeks. not bad for me.

i come carrying the blissfully happy news that now, nearing the age of 21, i have a brother. my mom called up yesterday morning to inform me of this. he was born january 24th at 12:57AM weighing 6 lbs 8 oz and measuring at 18 3/4 inches. his name is William Quinn Carmen. i got to see him yesterday afternoon, and introduce him to his niece and nephews. i remember when riley, isaac, and halden were that tiny. it makes my heart melt.

jackie turned 32 on the 19th. i romanced her. :-) and, we're still expecting. still a little hard to believe #4 is on the way. and yes, i'm still convinced it's a girl.

the young ones are thriving. and for your entertain.

riley's vocabulary: mama, dada, isaac (sounds like "i sit"), halden (sounds like "how in"), love you, this, that, please, and a couple more words i haven't quite figured out what's she's saying. we also got "damnit" out of her vocabulary.

isaac's vocabulary: mama, dada, riley, halden, this, that, and no.

halden is giving kisses. although for him it's more like "let me eat your face". after he's done he pulls back and has the most amused look on his face. riley screams when he does it to her.
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[01 Jan 2007|11:50pm]
well, hey everyone! happy late holidays and happy new years! the new year has alot in store for us.

halden likes the computer keyboard. he's sitting in my lap trying to get to it. so i would like to present to you a note written by halden himself.

l;anknaien neitfgvoingsdb/lrskgnouwrq halden

he typed it himself, i even helped him use his little fingers to type his name. he got frustrated with me i wouldn't let him write more.

we've got a nice little surprise for all. well, it's probably not really a surprise. and i can already hear you all going "i know where this is going..." jackie's wrist was slammed in the car door, and she was sure it was broken, and went to the er. since she'd have to get an x-ray, they ran a pregnancy test to "make sure", and the test came back positive. jackie insisted it had to be wrong because she's been on birth control since halden was born. they did the test again and it was still positive. she went in to the ob/gyn two days later, and they did an ultrasound, and sure enough a tiny baby appeared on the ultrasound. apparently, my wife's body rejects oral contraceptives.

so baby no. 4 is coming into our lives. an incredibly big surprise to us, and incredibly soon. the ob/gyn assured us that jackie is more than capable of carrying the pregnancy without any complications, but 4 babies within a 3 year span. i guess the closeness is a good thing for the kids as they get older. it's just incredibly overwhelming. number four! or, as we have traditionally dubbed, seamonkey 4. i'm excited, jackie's excited. we want a big family. but after this baby is born, we plan on practicing celibacy until we find an effective method of birth control. i just don't want jackie to get frustrated with being repetitively pregnant.

seamonkey 4 is scheduled to show up september 3rd. i have a gut feeling that it's a girl.
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[17 Nov 2006|02:48pm]
it sure has been awhile since i've updated.

we are an extremely happy family right now, emotionally, physically, and even financially. jackie and i added up our salaries, and we were pleasently surprised. i won't advertise the exact amount though.

our first anniversary was back in october. married life has been so wonderful. i feel very fortunate to have all that i do at my age.

believe it or not, there has been talk of baby number 4. no, we're not pregnant yet! we have discussed it though. we're thinking of trying again sometime next year. maybe a christmas baby. we both agreed that if we had to choose, we'd want another girl. riley needs a sister. she has enough brothers for now.

speaking of pregnant though, my mom called me up to last month to let me know she what she orginially thought was early menopause was, in fact, pregnancy. and she went pretty far along til finding this out. she's 26 weeks now, i think. but this isn't the first time she's been pregnant and hasn't realized it. she didn't know she was pregnant with me until she went into labor. but i'm extremely excited for her and my stepdad. and it's a boy, so i'm getting a little brother at the end of february! would you find it strange i actually like having siblings? i was an only child until 3 years ago, and i love hanging out with my sister. she's only 3 years old and one of my bestest friends in the world.

house is all set up. extremely nice, and roomy. we actually have a couches we can lay on and our feet don't go off the sides.
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